Argonide – a company specializing in the invention and production of Nano filter materials used in the water purification industry, has received prestigious awards and certificates: NASA Space Ship (Hall of Fame) application, EPA award (Department of Defense – USA)… Argonide strives to provide quality and cost effective water filtration products that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements by continuously improving its processes and our quality management system. Website:

  • 2003: NanoCearm Biological Filters. NanoCeram Trademarked
  • 2004: Virus Sampler Launched
  • 2005: First Patent for NanoCeram® Awarded. NanoCeram® Filters Start Market Sales. NanoCeram® receives the Hall of Fame Award from the space foundation
  • 2006: Ahlstrom Filtration Licenses Argonide Technology
  • 2007: Launch of NanoCeram® VS (virus sampler) Series
  • 2008: NanoCeram® PAC Series Introduced. NanoCeram® PB Series Introduced. NanoCeram® PACB Series Introduced
  • 2013: NanoCeram® DP Filters Introduced. NanoCeram® LR Filters Introduced


  • 1994: Argonide Founded. Fred Tepper founded Argonide to invest in a Russian process that produces nano powder
  • 1996: 3 SBIR Contracts Awarded for Nano Metal Powder
  • 1997: First Nano Metal Powder Sold
  • 1998: NASA Awards Argonne Phase I & Phase II Aluminized Rocket Propellants Metallic Nanopowders for Rocket Propulsion
  • 2001: Argonide lunches Sale of Nano Alumina Fibers. Argonide Recieves SBIR Award from NASA for Biological Filter For Space Cabin Water
  • 2002: NanoCeram® Technology Initiated. SBIR Phase II Award from NASA. NanoCeram® Awarded Best New Product. SBIR Phase I award from EPA for Arsenic Filter
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