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Product Ranger POU – Direct Drinking Water Purifier
Model No Everpure PBS-400 + SCB Inline
Brand Everpure, Pentair
Origin USA
Suitable for  Household
Specifications 0.5 um @ 8,3 liters/min @ 11,356 liters
Water Quality Particulate-chemical-lead-free direct drinking water
 Advantages Very hight flow rate at 8,3 liters per min.
Scale inhibitor
Reduction of contaminants White keeping vital natural minerals
Removes Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Chromium, Iron, Aluminum, Copper

Adsorbs common earthy, moldy, fishy tastes and odor
Commercial grade meal canister with built-in water shut-offService Life> 1,5 years or 11,356 litersCertificatesNSF Std: 42 & 53Installation Dim.

250 x 450mm


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