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Product Name

LineGuard Package

Big White with By-Pass 20 + FloPlus 20BB

Lineguard UF-100



USA / Netherland


  Whole house water purification
Suitable for

 1 kitchen + 3-5 bathrooms

Practical Flow Rate

60L/m or 3.6m3/h @ 4.5m2
 Micron Rating

 0.01 um

Treatment Capacity

FloPlus @ 189m3

Lineguard UF-100 @ > 5,000m3

Water Quality

Chemical-biology-free water for the whole house

Features & Benefits

Chemical and Micro-organism-free water

Viruses(2): >99.99% (log 4) Bacteria(3) >99.99999% (log 7)

Service Life

FloPlus: 189,270 liters or 8 to 12 months depending on consumption

Lineguard UF-100: 7 to 10 years


26.90″ x 7.16″ (683 x 182 mm)

H*W*D = 1150mm x 316mm x 209mm



NSF/ANSI Std: P231 &

Tested by Vitens water research using MS2 bacteriophages

Tested by KIWA water research using Legionella Pneumophilia

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