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Mô tả

Product Name

 POU – Undersink Softener


RiverSoft-4L + Diamond Flow Package




Belgium / Italy

Suitable for

Kitchen sink for dish-washer, lavatory as beauty salon

Water Quality

Sediment-chemical-free soft water, alkaline direction

Practical Flow Rate


 Micron Rating

 10 um and hardness <50ppm/L


 DFX-CB-10 @ 9500L

RiverSoft-4L @ 4,600 Grains or 1.8m3/Regeneration @ 200 ppm/L


Features & Benefits

Diamond flow (PP and carbon block 2-In-1) filter pretreat the sediments and chlorine of the city water

RiverSoft-4 produces soft water by removing Cal. & Mg for protection of scale build-up and skin

Service Life

DFX-CB-10 @ 9500L or 3 to 6 months

RiverSoft-4L: 5 to 7 years

Installation Dim.

W*D*H = 17.8 x 35.7 x 43.5cm


NSF/ANSI Std: 42 for DXF-CB-10

NSF/ANSI Std: 44, UL-979, CE-TESTED EMC, RoHS, WQA for Autotrol 367

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